Capitalism: Do it Yourself

Pubblicatoil Nov 25, 2014 in ART

“This artwork has got a more political approach to the reality, it talks about capitalism and how this economic philosophy has become something very detached from its own traditional meaning. The wealth of western people depends from the poverty of the black continent, the image of the painting is a photograph published in an old book about oil industries in the 60s. White European people are searching for petrol somewhere in Africa and Middle East, the white man symbolise the capitalism and it’s devastating effects when applied to an unfair economic process, where the three quarters of the world must be poor in order to mantain our opulent but decadent society. I have used and old photo to evidence the fact that situation is still the some today, nothing has changed at all”

Screen print, acrylics, oil pastels, water colors, liquid ink pens, pencil on canvas

cm 60×60  –  2014  –  Unique  –  ©FabioCoruzzi

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