Bowling in Tarzana

Pubblicatoil Apr 25, 2016 in Poetry Box

“I barely remember the last time I stepped into a bowling place.

the shiny stylish special shoes to walk in,

the floor that smells competition and bullshit

Bowling is the ideal sport in an ideal place:

the place for mr somebody or mr nobody,

Bowling is the time frame

between madness out there

the intimate relationship with that

cheating, hating, loving

a stubborn heavy ball

some solid pins standing like an idiot triangle

the beer touch the surface

the drop slide splashing down

eye contact with the target

start stepping forward

tending arm like a fucking beggar

the entire world rolls within

everybody down gentlemen

this is a strike”

IMAGE: Fabio Coruzzi – Bowling in Tarzana” – cm 21×28 – mixed media on paper – 2016