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I have to make a little introduction: is important to say that anyone living in a metropolitan area could find any kind of littered stuff on the pavements, from dead pigeons to credit cards. I started picking up credit cards on the floor (Just collecting, never used!), after a while I’ve had more than twenty of them, plus all my own ones, expired. This card collecting activity went on years by years. I started to think about making an artwork made of credit cards, then I’ve followed my mind through the fact that everyone where using credit cards to buy everything.

Everyone was buying stuff with invisible money, just by holding a piece of plastic in the hand.

Physical money was strangely disappearing from our everyday life… it was the year 2005.

Time has passed and the idea took time to be realized: I needed more credit cards. So I’ve started applying to have credit cards. Any application were accepted. I’ve received many card thorough the years: Platinum , Gold, Copper, anything, I’ve never spent one single cent using them. I was just collecting plastics, and more I was collecting and more I was into this concept of virtual money, because we were buying things simply by credit or debt, no cash.

The first piece of Geodebit series finally came into light on April 2007, it was exhibited at annual printmaking exhibition at Bankside Gallery in London and went sold (The buyer paid it by cheque, not by card}.

When I started to work with Bicha Gallery in 2011, another piece of Geodebit series it went sold again the same night of the exhibition.

Finally people could get the message. The third (and last) piece of Geodebit series is held by Bicha and probably will be displayed at the AAF in Stockholm this October.

I think that Geodebit has given the way to my personal idea of global economy that is developing and restyling itself in a fast way never seen before.

In these days I am working on what I believe it will be the next stage of my artistic journey through the idea of global economy. Next piece will start the series of Geobonds: the global reality has developed through the fact that there are no physical money on the planet. To be optimistic, maybe only the 10% of the circulating money are real, the rest are electronic numbers stored in an hard drive. Consequently, looking at the big picture, Treasury bonds are taking the place of credit cards…

And this story will go on and on.