Pubblicatoil Apr 2, 2019 in Poetry Box







“I went to the zoo

three or four times

still not getting it

I was aware

don’t stand so close to inmates

only photos are allowed

I didn’t take any

I just watch in silence

two tigers were fucking

it looked like angry sex

to escape captivity

the hippo was all alone

lying sleepy on the concrete,

lightly depressed

monkeys were the worst

complete caged madness

I think they were saying:

I am innocent,

get me the fuck outta here!

Elephant looked stoned

tired of being useless

the gorilla was taking a shit

I could see only his ass

finally the birds

they were all fucked up

singing laments of terror

about their useless wings

on the exit

I realized

there were no survivors

for this kind of penitentiary

I smoked weed

in the parking lot