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No Art No Future

Pubblicatoil Lug 4, 2021 in ART, Poetry Box

                “The beautiful boulevard had no flowers anymore no shiny windows or fancy dresses lamp posts standing lost people left with poor souls brave politicians spilling blood artists sitting in the dark away from flags and boots the nation got lost eventually mismatching ideas with manias action with …

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S T A T E M E N T S (keep it trendy)

Pubblicatoil Ago 27, 2020 in ART, Poetry Box

            “everybody out there filling the street taking space of emptiness must be there nowhere else to go no floor to dance no drinks to drink no shopping to die for rage energy caged energy soft parade outdoor detonations fashion and fireworks making statements”   acrylics  oil pastels  gel ink  …

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Pubblicatoil Ott 23, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

            “Beauty as the content for the slaughterhouse that beauty comes from the past blind sight into future iron helmets of mystery and women waiting head inside the universe wired to the wall reading nonsense wondering nonsense with subtle voices they chase the gossip” ———————————————————————————————————————————————– mixed media on paper ©2019


Pubblicatoil Ott 13, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

              “The man kept asking how much it takes hoew far it should go the fragile human wanted to be famous radio, television, internet the little man is naked as worm ticking like a bomb asking the crowd please hit me detonate me the man is craving senseless, painful …

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Pubblicatoil Lug 11, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

              “Always looking through the large scale blown up senseless opulence the point is show off artificial respect is behind the curtain on the stage in an empty theatre money, green, money, money! ok I hear you do I have to clap my hands? fuck you, he said”   …

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H . A . I . R

Pubblicatoil Giu 20, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

                    POLITICAL NUDITY   ACRYLIC, GEL INK, GRAPHITE, PRINT ON PAPER   ©2019   “Modern leaders made out of fluffy nostalgia old shit as contemporary chocolate Sad politicians Seen on tv odd men licking old men we praise the past and invisible lies can’t be exposed camouflaged for …

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The Market™

Pubblicatoil Mag 21, 2019 in Poetry Box

              “There is a market in this city that is not just a market the food smells good the people smells good some of them smell less good too early to be drunk some of them spills wine on trousers while waiting in line Three tacos please thirty six …

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Pubblicatoil Apr 13, 2019 in Poetry Box

              “Yesterday I was staring at my four walls ghettos got expensive lately there is need for luxury in place where arguing and shootings are mere decoration the ghetto experience requires good credit score they must be safe from collaterals which do not include homeless high on rocks motels …

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Pubblicatoil Apr 2, 2019 in Poetry Box

            “I went to the zoo three or four times still not getting it I was aware don’t stand so close to inmates only photos are allowed I didn’t take any I just watch in silence two tigers were fucking it looked like angry sex to escape captivity the hippo …

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