Pubblicatoil Gen 26, 2021 in ART

              LA KIDS “The artistic research intersected existence. Kids of this city are special ones. Kids of LA are the lonely ones quiet walk loud smiles looking at their phone. Those kids like tiny mirrors of disconnected cities kids stands at crossroads holding skates crossroads of lost souls. Kids …

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Lockdown Paranoia Series

Pubblicatoil Nov 22, 2020 in ART

              “People used to have faces noses, smiles, wrinkles people used to manifest like mirrors or billboards these barbarian times are the new chapter of false civilization the curtains of language are kept deep down senses are plugged transparence gets filtered between useful stories and worthless truth” acrylic oil …

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Listen to Bob

Pubblicatoil Set 5, 2020 in ART

          “The bull got excited everything looked red color like blood like explosions nothing stands on the way no mothers no fathers no plans hunger games and finance who’s going to die who’s going to live those words were written those words were sung those words were listened long time ago …

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S T A T E M E N T S (keep it trendy)

Pubblicatoil Ago 27, 2020 in ART, Poetry Box

            “everybody out there filling the street taking space of emptiness must be there nowhere else to go no floor to dance no drinks to drink no shopping to die for rage energy caged energy soft parade outdoor detonations fashion and fireworks making statements”   acrylics  oil pastels  gel ink  …

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Pubblicatoil Ago 23, 2020 in ART

                acrylic  oil pastel  gel ink   graphite  on paper

Ojai Liquor Sunday Morning

Pubblicatoil Ago 12, 2020 in ART

            acrylics oil pastels gel ink graphite on paper   “Early morning light on the hard skinny road soft silence boasting June upon the enamel sky heat blossoming the blind light feel like walk on butter and the sun made of sugar warm sticky blue tired beginning of the day …

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Mira Hermano Mira

Pubblicatoil Giu 11, 2020 in ART

                “The young man jumped reaching the stars stolen victory is at hand overwhelming pride the tricky genius fooled the clever it was a game a humid comedy the acting talent performed its talent pride won with arrogance nobody gave a shit time stood still stunned by the …

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