“…Provocative and ironic, Fabio Coruzzi’s language describes scenarios of social criticism, reflecting almost specularly the cultural reality of our metropolitan society, sandwiched, as he says, “between concrete and the asphalt”. Anonimous figures, chaotic spaces, urban life’s scenes,women and men in their working environment, athletes and hooligans at sport events, traffic of the city..Life flows incessantly within Fabio Coruzzi’s work and the author become a faithful witness of it…”
Maria Vinella – art critic
“… as architect by training, I was immediately struck by Fabio’s cityscapes, there was a kind of roughness that reminded me of sophisticated graffiti”.   
Antonio Capelao - Bicha Gallery
"There isn't any general introduction to my art, I am getting allergic to presentation because I care about the content instead of the package.

At this stage of my career or artistic life, I do not follow any narrative in particular, I find myself inspired by single episodes, single artworks, single thoughts.

My body of work is made by single pieces that might fall in some category, but after all these are single stories. Each artwork tells a story that might not have any link with a previous artwork. It's a independent, autonomous thought. Establishing a common introduction is almost impossible.

Making a statement reduce the possibility for an artist to express and explore at 360 degrees. Every written sentence can be changed, continuously reinterpreted. My artistic research is always free to develop within any direction. It's more like a book, or a movie. It tells right there and stays right there. What comes next is life: I never know. It's just a restless evolution"

" am trying to use my art as a tool to vandalize, to spoil the fake beauty, the fake symbols, the fake principles, the fake values of contemporary society.The intros to my work want to be a mix of real life and visual poetry"


Born in Italy, 1975. Living and working in Los Angeles
London College of Printing – BTEC Diploma Graphic Design – 2002
BA (hons) of Arts – Illustration – London College of Communication – 2005
Printmaking Studies – London College of Communication – 2002
Photography Studies – London College of Communication – 2006
Advanced screen print studies – London College of Communication – 2007  


2022 - Artspace Warehouse - Los Angeles
2021 - Premio MAKMA - MUVIM  Valencia 

       Artspace Warehouse  Los Angeles 
       Winner  Enegan Art Prize - Firenze  

2020 - Premio MAKMA - MUVIM Valencia - 

       LA Metro  Redondo Beach Project

       LA Art Show - Los Angeles 

       SOLA Contemporary Los Angeles  

2019  - Hive Gallery Los Angeles 

        Premio Enegan Art Firenze 

        Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles 

        KEOA Contemporanea - Irun 

2018  - Bienal Eve Marie Zimmerman Tenerife 

        The Other Art Fair Los Angeles 

        Au Fond Du Bois  Bruxelles 

        Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles  

2017  - Affordable Art Fair New York

2016  - Saatchi Art Los Angeles 

        Affordable Art fair New York.  

2015 - Affordable Art Fair New York 

        Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles 

        China Printmaking Museum Guanlan 

        Gabrovo Museum  Bulgaria 

        Xylonite Arts London 

        GX Gallery London

2014  - Cacak Bienal of Printing Serbia 

        Affordable Art Fair Battersea 

        Affordable ArtFair Stockholm 

        The Freud Museum London 

        Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 

        London Art Fair

 2013 - Affordable Art Fair Singapore 

        Affordable Art Fair Battersea 

        Medici Gallery London 

        Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 

        Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 

        Gabrovo Museum Bulgaria 

        Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles 

        Affordable Art Fair New York 

        Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

        Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles 

        London Art Fair 

2012 - Medici Gallery London 

         Affordable Art Fair Singapore 

         Galleria Ostrakon Milano 

         Affordable Art Fair Battersea 

         Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 

         East London Printmakers 

         Affordable Art Fair New York 

         Fondazione Banca del Monte Foggia 

         Bicha Gallery London

2011 - Opera Campana dei Caduti Rovereto 

          Smokehouse Gallery London - 

          Triangle Studios London 

          Royal College fo Art -  BBC TV

          The Freud Museum London

2010 - ArteOra Arte Contemporanea - Foggia

       242 Gallery - London

       Penang State Museum - Malaysia

       Pushkin House - London

       Space Gallery - London

       Subway Edizioni - Metropolitane Milano

       Galleria Terre Rare - Bologna

       Center for Study  Political Graphics - Los Angeles

       London Fashion Week - Somerset House

2009 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Egypt

       Quijang International Print Festival - China

       Pasquale Siniscalco Gallery - Milano

       Bankside Gallery - London

       Guanlan Print Museum - China

       Gabrovo Museum - Bulgaria

       Spike Print Studio - Bristol

       Factory Art Contemporanea - Trieste

       Sint Niklaas Dienst Museum - Belgium

       Brothers Grimm Museum - Kessel

       ArteOra Arte Contemporanea _ Foggia

       London City Hall 

2008 - Guido Iemmi Art Studio - Milano

        Latajaka Gallery - Warszawa

        Deutsches Maerchen Und Wesersagen Museum 

        Lessedra Art Gallery - Sofia

        London City Hall

        Bankside Gallery - London

        Tetovo Museum - Macedonia

2007 - University of the Arts Gallery - London

        Galleria San Fedele - Milano

        CSPG - Los Angeles

        Lessedra Contemporary Gallery - Sofia

        Museo Castello Aragonese - Taranto

2006 - Premio Italian Factory - Milano

       University of the Arts Gallery - London

2005 - Platform for Art- The London Underground

       Red Gate Gallery - London


May 2008 - Print and the City – Estorik Collection of Modern Italian Art - London

Representative Galleries:

Artspace Warehouse – Los Angeles – USA

Bicha Gallery – London - UK

GX Gallery – London – UK

ArteOra Arte Contemporanea – Foggia – Italy


Victoria & Albert Museum 

London Underground 

University of the Arts London

ArteOra Spazio Arte Contemporanea - Foggia

Factory Art Gallery – Berlin

Penang Museum - Malaysia

C.S.P.G.   Center Studies Political Graphics - Los Angeles 

LA METRO art collection