Pubblicatoil Feb 21, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

            ” It seems so distant, so far away on the other side of the ocean I am detached I am distracted I am not a viewer neither a coward watching the end by the dancehall senseless human activity and the tragedy of daily existence “   ©2019


Pubblicatoil Gen 22, 2019 in ART

              “There was a time with masculine fragility and feminine psychopathy looked like it was right pink and blue drugs and pastels stupid clothes into stupid choreographies celebrities were sweating without motivation telling lies about beauty” Acrylics mixed with oil pastels, gel ink pens, graphite, color laser print on …

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Pubblicatoil Nov 18, 2018 in ART

            “muscles and loners under the sun pump the muscle sweat pump again sweat again make your audience believe make your eyes believe what is beauty what lies behind Individuals get stuck they want it out like captives meanwhile they keep pumping”   mixed media on paper ©2018

Fabio Coruzzi Exhibition

Pubblicatoil Ago 31, 2018 in EXHIBIT

              My first solo exhibition since long time I will not be there, unfortunately This show is a kind of presentation of my stuff to the local audience surrounding Brussels, Belgium. There will be a future, larger exhibition of mine where I’ll be present. because it is a larger …

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