Pubblicatoil Ago 27, 2022 in ART

                  “Struggle leave the fog behind few faces, few mouths appears Courage: this is the moment the blu becomes enamel that smell of industry and smoking future Colors are useless  they always feel lonely  and comfortable There is no victory only gentle heroines  where have we been …

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Pubblicatoil Dic 24, 2021 in EXHIBIT

I am pleased to tell about winning Yes I won what that’s really mean I don’t know but I am grateful to the beautiful land of Tuscany Florence is in my destiny FABIO CORUZZI – WINNER OF THE ENEGAN ART PRIZE 2021

M A K M A 2021

Pubblicatoil Dic 13, 2021 in EXHIBIT

            I will join the exhibition regarding the Premio Carteles MAKMA at M U V I M   Museu Valencia de la Illustracio i Modernitat 16 December 2021  

No Art No Future

Pubblicatoil Lug 4, 2021 in ART, Poetry Box

                “The beautiful boulevard had no flowers anymore no shiny windows or fancy dresses lamp posts standing lost people left with poor souls brave politicians spilling blood artists sitting in the dark away from flags and boots the nation got lost eventually mismatching ideas with manias action with …

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Pubblicatoil Gen 26, 2021 in ART

              LA KIDS “The artistic research intersected existence. Kids of this city are special ones. Kids of LA are the lonely ones quiet walk loud smiles looking at their phone. Those kids like tiny mirrors of disconnected cities kids stands at crossroads holding skates crossroads of lost souls. Kids …

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