Scripta Manent

Pubblicatoil Lug 4, 2023 in ART

Acrylic Oil Pastel Graphite                                                                                        ©2023

Pubblicatoil Giu 4, 2023 in ART

  Poetry is hard to decode, to understand, to absorb. I know it. But I also know that poetry is needed today more than ever. Poetry is the sweet moment between the chaos and the quiet, the daydreaming between reason and stupidity. Allen Ginsberg is an American poet, a modern hero that made us look …

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Dinner Time, Gardena

Pubblicatoil Mag 25, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

              “Night get cosy and tiny lights are never enough tables stay flat in darkness sounds in wide distance  night and blue clouds slim sad lights  across the street lost and happy just outside the door the boy run to the car the girl standing under hot bulb Day …

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Pubblicatoil Mag 13, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

“Green enamel layered upon metal white types the sky wasn’t smiling Few seconds from the left I wasn’t that fast grasping the beauty during that ugly afternoon”   Acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink pen, graphite on Bristol  paper ©2023

Social Distance

Pubblicatoil Apr 5, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

The work explore the hypocrisy of contemporary society. We live in a culturally polarized society, creating gaps among social classes and the birth of a new social class: the forgotten ones. They are millions. Metropolitan areas like LA are plagued by homeless, gun violence, gang violence, war, social injustice, racism, classism, mental health and substance …

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