Pubblicatoil Feb 7, 2018 in EXHIBIT

              I am proud to be part of this new project with AuFondDuBois  Gallery So excited for this new adventure 15 MARCH – 18 MARCH 2018 I will show some brand new artworks made specifically for my new representative gallery  for this event I will send more infos in …

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Pubblicatoil Gen 25, 2018 in ART

              acrylic, oil pastel, graphite, gel ink, print on paper   2018   ©FabioCoruzzi  

CoLlEcTiVe Is DeAd

Pubblicatoil Gen 22, 2018 in Poetry Box

    Bergamot Station is a hub for contemporary art in Los Angeles. It’s a lovely district in which a number of galleries and design shops exist close like a community. The community sits next to the Metro Station in Santa Monica. It has survived gentrification and eventually demolition. Real estate developers are waiting – …

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Pubblicatoil Gen 2, 2018 in ART, Poetry Box

Pezzi di cotechino, lenticchie, caffe’, panettone, prosecco, -Oh! Oh! Dai che c’e’ il conto alla rovescia! – cheppalle e’ ancora presto – dieci, nove,otto,sette,sei…. pluff! Eiacula lo spumante All’ anno che verra’, a un anno migliore. Fanculo al passato.   Si, certamente. Ormai si guarda all’ anno nuovo come se si guardasse Cicciolina e Moana …

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P . C . H

Pubblicatoil Set 5, 2017 in ART

            Reality on Pacific Coast Highway Acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink, graphite, print on paper original monotype cm 28 x 22 2017  

ArE YoU Ok?

Pubblicatoil Giu 23, 2017 in ART

            [ read through the lines ] “This is Los Angeles. Like any urban jungle on Earth, this city is world within the world. Strange stories happens everyday, people are witnessing an apparently normal situation but the more I get old, the more I got convinced that certain things happens …

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Pubblicatoil Giu 18, 2017 in ART

            [ read through the lines ] I ‘ve always wanted to be a spectator someone silently present a ghost I absorb the reality the only way to fit in the space the only way of being spectator the witness of my feelings my visual world my state of mind …

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Pubblicatoil Giu 8, 2017 in ART

            Acrylic , oil pastels, gel ink, graphite on paper cm 32 x 44 2017 artwork sold


Pubblicatoil Mag 16, 2017 in ART

          [ read through the lines ] “Red and white stripes like pride to pay upfront like old, traditionl beauty take the first left for troubles take the left for wall tags take the left side as mistake donut is the sweet sanctuary from this bitter reality2