FeEl NaPoLi

Pubblicatoil Mag 6, 2018 in ART

            “The hot stone of the dock is the bed of the sun that woke up few minutes before day begun life stretching between boats life lying between challenge no fear for tomorrow air is soft blue is deep happiness will always survive”     acrylics, oil pastels, graphite, gel …

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Pubblicatoil Apr 9, 2018 in ART

                “Everything fixed etching the background two individuals like two empty boxes no sound no move facing cameras and waiting keep waiting for nobody in particular standby”  


Pubblicatoil Mar 6, 2018 in ART

              acrylic, oil pastel, graphite, gel ink on paper “These times are the times where we shape where we mold these are the times in which we camouflage these are the times about dark days and bright nights to these times I stand still to these times can’t fight …

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Pubblicatoil Feb 7, 2018 in EXHIBIT

              I am proud to be part of this new project with AuFondDuBois  Gallery So excited for this new adventure 15 MARCH – 18 MARCH 2018 I will show some brand new artworks made specifically for my new representative gallery  for this event I will send more infos in …

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Pubblicatoil Gen 25, 2018 in ART

              acrylic, oil pastel, graphite, gel ink, print on paper   2018   ©FabioCoruzzi  

CoLlEcTiVe Is DeAd

Pubblicatoil Gen 22, 2018 in Poetry Box

    Bergamot Station is a hub for contemporary art in Los Angeles. It’s a lovely district in which a number of galleries and design shops exist close like a community. The community sits next to the Metro Station in Santa Monica. It has survived gentrification and eventually demolition. Real estate developers are waiting – …

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