Pubblicatoil Nov 18, 2018 in ART

            “muscles and loners under the sun pump the muscle sweat pump again sweat again make your audience believe make your eyes believe what is beauty what lies behind Individuals get stuck they want it out like captives meanwhile they keep pumping”   mixed media on paper ©2018

Fabio Coruzzi Exhibition

Pubblicatoil Ago 31, 2018 in EXHIBIT

              My first solo exhibition since long time I will not be there, unfortunately This show is a kind of presentation of my stuff to the local audience surrounding Brussels, Belgium. There will be a future, larger exhibition of mine where I’ll be present. because it is a larger …

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Pubblicatoil Giu 25, 2018 in ART, Poetry Box

            “Marching generation during boring times of opulence creativity is the salvation among global indifference one slogan one brand one item all made for few cents by suicide working class”  


Pubblicatoil Giu 18, 2018 in ART

            mixed media on paper ©2018 artwork for sale at Artspace Warehouse – Los Angeles


Pubblicatoil Giu 17, 2018 in ART, Poetry Box

              “three women walks on soft sand the pipes and their hands holding the time stillness the disappointing wind is the old world the old order the war was on guns versus books” acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink, graphite on paper ©2018  

Mc TrUmP

Pubblicatoil Giu 10, 2018 in ART, Poetry Box

                “We need a man to dream and gamble, we need the bully to enrage ignorance and please illiterates we need the boss to slam doors and punch on the desk we need a warrior to keep the fight and keep the faith we need a clown to …

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