Pubblicatoil Apr 2, 2019 in Poetry Box

            “I went to the zoo three or four times still not getting it I was aware don’t stand so close to inmates only photos are allowed I didn’t take any I just watch in silence two tigers were fucking it looked like angry sex to escape captivity the hippo …

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Pubblicatoil Mar 30, 2019 in Poetry Box

          “I have seen the world through the thick glass of the windows millions of cars and solitary, maybe desperate souls stuck inside


Pubblicatoil Gen 24, 2019 in ART, Poetry Box

              “Pragmatism is the new trend what color is the coolest? we are free to choose appearances without any doubt and lie with education

Fabio Coruzzi Exhibition

Pubblicatoil Ago 31, 2018 in EXHIBIT

              My first solo exhibition since long time I will not be there, unfortunately This show is a kind of presentation of my stuff to the local audience surrounding Brussels, Belgium. There will be a future, larger exhibition of mine where I’ll be present. because it is a larger …

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