Pubblicatoil Mar 21, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

There is a common meaning among all humans on earth. There is a common sense of justice and injustice for the working class all over the world.  There is a need from people to talk directly to their representers in the government. That never happens, excepted for rare cases in the history.

What we see all the time is normal people “confronting” the police. Police is an institution created to represent the diaphragm between the power and the poor.

Whenever poor people disagree and need to be talked to and given explanations, police forces get into action: the common language converge into repression of disagreements, hence democracy.

Poor people find themselves in front armed individuals wearing riot gears with license to suppress and, eventually, kill. Those that represents governments  - elected by the same people - are specifically designed to repress and suppress. Repression and suppression becomes the only existent from of dialogue among the poor people. 

That is what happened in Lima, Peru. 

People are asking their government, voted by the People, to give account of their stupid actions. That’s when police forces enter in action, the government establish a diaphragm between them and the People,  with a specific design to suppress with force, whoever is in disagreement with the established power. 

Absence of accountability.

Absence of justice.

Absence of democracy.