Social Distance

Pubblicatoil Apr 5, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

The work explore the hypocrisy of contemporary society. We live in a culturally polarized society, creating gaps among social classes and the birth of a new social class: the forgotten ones. They are millions. Metropolitan areas like LA are plagued by homeless, gun violence, gang violence, war, social injustice, racism, classism, mental health and substance addiction, generational poverty? They keep saying that those are simple side effects of a miraculous recipe called wild capitalism. 

Regardless the elevated wealth created among people, capitalism is based on money and money creates division, envy, toxic hedonism. 

Money is the object for classist clash, economy clash, culture clash.

Los Angeles is a typical example of how society shouldn’t look like.

Capitalism created various small form of economic apartheid, spreading over the whole country. Rich hate poor and poor hate rich. They both walk the same road, share the same public space, same desires. Both have the illusion for eternal happiness that will never happen, while reality is that we are all trying to stay afloat on dirty waters.