Thank You For Shopping With Us

Pubblicatoil Mar 10, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box










Metropolitan environment represent the fulcrum for wild capitalism and the hypocritical acceptance of its side effects on our mental and physical health.

Shopping, possessing, desiring, are mere indoctrinating forms of (mis)education which starts at the very moment we come to this world. 

We shop as we breathe, because the only form of remaining individuality can be found in our wallets. 

The only given individual power is the power of choice within a shopping environment. We produce as masses and we consume as individuals.

The unconscious education to consume and accumulate is intentionally sponsored by any national education system that, beside schools, also include family, TV, radio, internet. Masses are fed with insatiable craving for things we don’t actually need. 

We need to buy and possess as the junkie need to get high all the time.