S T A T E M E N T S – Solo Exhibition – MARCH 11 2023

Pubblicatoil Mar 3, 2023 in ART, EXHIBIT

After six years, I am here for another solo exhibition. The last time was Bruxelles, this time is Los AngelesLots of things happened and seems like I have been running in circles. three months ago I had the news that a solo show of mine was coming up. As soon I realize that, something broke down in the pottery room of my artistic existence. It’s time to tell out what I’ ve been trying to tell for long time. Cityscapes and humor are out of place nowadays, at least for myself.

I mean, I ma very happy to exist and resist. I called this exhibition statements because I want to make some. Each new piece mean something very personal, very frank, very true to me. I don’t want to tell lies: yes, artists lie a lot in order to survive, because at the end of the day we have bills to pay. This time I want to take this risk: I want to be frank as I expect the viewer will feel my work as a revelation, a confidence, a statement.