Social Distance

Pubblicatoil Apr 5, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

The work explore the hypocrisy of contemporary society. We live in a culturally polarized society, creating gaps among social classes and the birth of a new social class: the forgotten ones. They are millions. Metropolitan areas like LA are plagued by homeless, gun violence, gang violence, war, social injustice, racism, classism, mental health and substance …

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Pubblicatoil Mar 21, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

There is a common meaning among all humans on earth. There is a common sense of justice and injustice for the working class all over the world.  There is a need from people to talk directly to their representers in the government. That never happens, excepted for rare cases in the history. What we see …

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Indian Female Farmer

Pubblicatoil Mar 15, 2023 in ART

Indian women constitutes more than 60% of India’s workforce in agriculture. Their daily wage is $3. Thousands and thousand s of Indian women are having forced hysterectomies in order to booster productivity. Economy takes over biology, sociology, psychology, education, dignity, identity. I see forced hysterectomy as a forced disconnection (separation) between the Female Being and …

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Thank You For Shopping With Us

Pubblicatoil Mar 10, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

                  Metropolitan environment represent the fulcrum for wild capitalism and the hypocritical acceptance of its side effects on our mental and physical health. Shopping, possessing, desiring, are mere indoctrinating forms of (mis)education which starts at the very moment we come to this world.  We shop as we …

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Pubblicatoil Gen 20, 2023 in ART, Poetry Box

spray paint    acrylic    on    paper   “The man with fat face  He came from the cold, standing in the cold just few miles from heaven  and one ride towards hell They dreamt of landscapes set up on fire safety was down the valley brother and sisters flowers and smiles at the slaughterhouse …

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