Pubblicatoil Dic 17, 2014 in ART

“A hot morning in Chinatown, LA. I was wondering around to visit this place made of million items, any items, from footwear to chemical drugs. It’s so hard to take interesting photos around these blocks. I mean interesting photos of real people in real places, because I am a traveller that can’t stand tourism. People in Downtown LA do not like to show off much, people here mind their own business and they expect you to do exactly the same. But when I looked at this wheel rim shop I couldn’t resist to take pictures but, when I was about to take photos at these rims, a big guy came to check me out. I’ve taken only one photo because I’ve had to hide my camera, but I was lucky enough to catch the visual feeling of that big size dude, during that hot morning in Downtown LA”


Screen print, oil pastels,

acrylics, liquid ink pens,

pencil on Somerset paper

original monotype

cm  30×21