Pubblicatoil Feb 19, 2015 in Poetry Box

Los Angeles is a fantastic city because is unique, bright , colorful,. Los Angeles is the city if neon lights, it

seems to be in a fairytale from the 80’s.

Looks like there is a fantical culture about neon lights, I’ve never seen so many neon lights in my life like

I’ve seen in Los Angeles. All theseĀ  fluo color neon lights makes this city recognize a reality beyond

darkness, thank to millions of theese vivid lights. At the same time, neon lights recalls loneliness, it reminds

me that, no matter how beautiful or ugly the city is, there is loneliness, always, that can be found behind any


Well, I have an advice for the lonely population from the City of Angels: enjoy the light f the sun and, at

night, take a walk around this crazy city and take a look at neon lights: you’ll realize that anything is funny ,

because this life is just a game, a playful experience. Forget politics, relax, do some good reading.

You’ll see LA with a brighter, younger, narrower imagination